Switch your home from gas to electricity

It’s easier than you think!

Save on your household bills

By switching your heating, hot water and cooking from gas to electricity, you can eliminate your gas bill and save your family hundreds of dollars every year. Find out how you can start saving!

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Improve your family’s health and comfort

Removing gas from your home can lead to better indoor air quality and improved safety for children. Heat and cool your home with reverse cycle air conditioning. Save time and effort with an induction cooktop. Now we’re cooking clean!

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Take action on climate change

By not using gas, we can tackle climate change and protect our environment. Natural gas is a fossil fuel that releases greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Switch to clean electricity to help save the planet!

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Who is this website for?

This website is for homeowners, tenants, landlords, builders, architects, tradespeople, appliance retailers and installers, property managers and others with an interest in energy use in buildings.

The ACT now offsets 100% of its electricity consumption with electricity generated from wind and solar, so switching off gas in our buildings will immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, no matter where you live in Australia, this website can help you make a difference to the comfort, energy costs and environmental impacts of your home. If you live outside the ACT, you can go all-electric and use renewable electricity by purchasing green electricity from your retailer or investing in solar panels.

The Make the Switch Calculator allows you to estimate the costs and savings of switching from gas appliances to electric appliances, in existing homes and new buildings. Find out how much greenhouse gas you could avoid by switching to 100% renewable electricity.

Switching is easier than you think!

Make the Switch was developed by the Conservation Council ACT Region to help Canberra households switch their homes from gas to clean renewable electricity as the ACT heads towards its target of zero emissions by 2045.

The Conservation Council ACT Region is the peak non-government environment organisation for the ACT and surrounding region, advocating for the environment since 1981.

Find out why you should make the switch or browse the myth-busting Q&A.
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We made the switch

“I wouldn’t install gas when I can use renewable energy – the economics are just a bonus.” Read more
The Jago family Tuggeranong
“Our new induction cooker heats up as fast (or faster) than gas, and is wayyyy easier to clean!” Read more
David and Nicole North Canberra
"I didn’t like the wastage of heating a whole house when I only occupy one room at a time." Read more
John West Belconnen
"Having turned off our gas means we have a huge saving of energy costs and service costs, and helped mother nature." Read more
Maggie, Surinder & Kiran North Canberra
"In our new home, we are now saving a lot of money in running costs." Read more
The Prowse family Weston Creek

Why make the switch?

Save money, your health and the planet.

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Myth-busting Q&A

Times have changed – our homes should too!

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How to make the switch

Four steps to go gas-free.

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There’s (green!) power in numbers. Share your pledge to switch from gas to electricity so friends and family can find out how, too.

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